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By Film Threat Staff | December 8, 2000

“Sorted” is Brit-speak for messed up, trashed, and generally off. It can mean good things, like going out and getting blind, happy drunk, or it can mean much worse…
When a young, ambitious, and very successful London lawyer named Justin Dawson mysteriously washes up dead in the good river Thames, the secrets of his life begin to surface as well. Affairs, a passion for rave culture, and much menace come to light, and his innocent small-town younger brother is left to pick up the pieces and sort out the “sorted” mess.
Critics thus far have praised “Sorted”‘s eerily accurate depiction of London club culture, as well as the cast of very bizarre characters. The film will screen at L.A.’s Egyptian Theatre, courtesy of the American Cinematheque, beginning [ Friday, December 8th ] and wrapping up on [ Friday, December 15th ] . There are multiple screening times, so check out the [ American Cinematheque site ] for more information.

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