The happy citizens of the Philadelphia area will have another reason to give many thanks on Thanksgiving Day Weekend. The Lost Film Festival 5.0 will be be in town and taking names from [ November 25th and 26th, 2000 ] with daily screenings and events that begin at 2PM and close up ’round midnight — you could potentially hit the Fest and stay away from family for the whole weekend!
The Lost Film Festival, which is the darling of “hacktivists,” political satirists, and indie film buffs alike, brings a big fat caravan of choice film to Philadelphia. For [ $6 ] daily, the brave can see the likes of Esther Bell’s “gay-friendly” and award-winning “Godass,” political injustice documentaries, filmed riot coverage, and live music. And there’s wrestling too.
For info on Festival tickets, and a look at what’s in store for the year ahead, see the [ the Lost Film Festival site. ]

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