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By Film Threat Staff | February 18, 2005

Producers of the new documentary “Roadside Ambition” have announced the launch of a new website where visitors can take an interactive tour of the small Indiana town where the film is set.
The movie chronicles Alexandria, Indiana native Michael Carmichael as he tries to build a bizarre roadside attraction that he hopes will attract tourists to his struggling hometown which is facing tough economic times after two nearby General Motors plants closed laying off thousands of workers.
Mike hopes people will drive to the middle of nowhere to see his unique creation— a 1,300 pound ball of paint!
But now visitors to can skip the drive and see what an ordinary baseball looks like after it has been painted over 18,000 times.
The site is just as much about the town and its colorful characters as it is about Mike and the World’s Largest Ball of Paint. Visitors can spend hours learning about the town and its people as they click on an interactive tourist map of Alexandria. Fans of the movie can watch exclusive behind the scenes video, outtakes, and promotional trailers that can not be found anywhere else.
“It was important for us to make visitors to the site feel like they are actually in the real town,” Executive Producer Andrew Davis said. “We’ve included video clips of some of the people from town and pictures of just about everything there is to do in Alexandria.”
Check it out at the Roadside Ambition website.

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