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By Film Threat Staff | September 28, 2000

Animator and Director Pat Smith has plenty to be proud of. His latest animated film, the adventurous and fresh “Drink,” has just gained entry into both the upcoming Austin Film Festival and New York City’s CMJ Film Festival. But what’s most impressive is the fact that Smith took a year off from the busy role of animator and director at MTV to finish his labor of love. Says Smith of the project, “Although the process was tedious, I enjoyed making the film immensely. Working on an independent project offers creative challenges that are difficult to find at MTV and other studios.” Smith’s credits include commercial animation, work on the “Beavis and Butthead” movie, and directing MTV’s popular “Daria” series, now in its 5th season.
“Drink” dives into the story of a boy who takes a sip from a mysterious green concoction. He then proceeds to transform… and a second hit of the drink yields even more twisted fun. Literally hundreds of characters were animated, colored, and composited by Smith.
To gulp down some “Drink” and learn more about Pat Smith and his projects, go to [ the Pat Smith website. ]

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