Yes, the world is over-run by zombies again. If life were as bleak as indie filmmakers would have you believe, we’d all be stockpiling guns, canned food, plastic wrap and duct tape right about now. (…wait a minute…)

The good news for zombie fans is that there is a new walking dead movie on the market, and it’s trying to do something different with the horror sub-genre. In “Zombie Planet”, the Earth is a ruined husk, a “kill-or-be-eaten” wasteland of dangerous clans and walking, talking dead. But into this realm walks a hero, a man named Kane. Unfortunately, there’s a guy named Adam who is more than eager to take him out. “Zombie Planet” stresses the danger of fad diets as well as what happens when you play with your food and your food plays back. You know, if you’re a zombie, that is. Nevermind.

This intrepid Film Threat author recently had the opportunity to sit down with writer/director George Bonilla, to pick his brain about the new movie and to find out what’s in store in the future.

Get the interview in part two of GEORGE BONILLA: THE LATE, GREAT “ZOMBIE PLANET” EARTH>>>

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