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A Typical Fairytale

By Enrique Acosta | January 17, 2020

On the surface, Sherry and Larry have a typical existence. They met, they fell in love, they got married, and had a beautiful child. But one day they discover their beloved child isn’t who they thought. That their precious angel doesn’t fit into their idea of who they should be. Relationships are tested, identities are discovered, and love is put to the test—all in a rhyming couplet in Annette Reilly’s short subject A Typical Fairytale

A Typical Fairytale is a whimsical fable about not only the power but the need for unconditional love. Told without irony, Annette Reilly’s short subject is full of whimsy, heart, and compassion.

“…a whimsical fable about not only the power, but the need for unconditional love…”

I suppose since I am a critic, I should criticize some of it. There are one or two pacing issues, a few instances of amateurish acting, and it is clear that her ambition outpaced her budget. But honestly, you hardly notice any of that in this mesmerizing short subject.

Instead, you might find yourself focusing on clever directing. Every scene in A Typical Fairytale is saturated in bright Disneyesque colors, every shot balanced, the whole thing feeling like a children’s storybook brought to life. But the stakes are significantly higher than most card stock masterpieces. It is, of course, heartbreaking to see the parents struggle with their child’s sudden change, and it is understandable to see them try to wrap their heads around it. It is also heartbreaking to see them blame themselves and try to figure out how to change their child.

A Typical Fairytale (2020)

Directed: Annette Reilly

Written: Jessica McLeod, Abbey Spracklin

Starring: Mike Klemak, Annette Reilly, Brendon Taylor, Ameko Eks Mass Carroll, Amy Fox, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

A Typical Fairytale Image

"…if you show this to someone and they are not crying at the end then they are a robot…"

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  1. Mike Klemak says:

    Thanks for the great review! One change I’d like to suggest is the spelling of the name of the actor who narrated the film (me). It’s Mike Klemak, not Kelmark. Aside from that, your review was amazingly insightful. Cheers!

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