Marc Buhmann and Tony Harrington have created a web series about three self-starters in the process of building out a website for all things genre.  Kevin (Mat Labotka), the brains behind the operation, tries his damndest to keep Justin (Adam El-Sharkawi), his easily distracted friend, and Amanda (Colleen O’Neill), an ex-advertising executive employee, from strangling each other in a maladroit catfight.  Through the first four episodes, the group attempt to find funding and get their company off the ground. 

All three of the lead actors hold their own and the group has a strong chemistry.  Most of the series consists of the three co-workers sitting around a table hurling quips back and forth but the series never becomes boring; in fact, it’s actually pretty funny.  Sure, a couple of the jokes are over-explained and borderline obvious, but the majority are clever and a few will make you laugh out loud.  Amanda’s relationship with her baby might be the best part of the entire series. 

There are only four episodes of Genrefinity but I wish there were more.  Despite the atrocious, circus-esque score, this is exactly what a comedy series should be.  The jokes come at a quick enough pace, the actors perform naturally on screen, and it leaves you wanting more.

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  1. Marc Buhmann says:

    I was the director. 🙂

  2. Eh, it might be funny if it wasn’t written as a series of hipster cliches, awkwardly acted and blandly shot. The music is the final nail in the coffin. Are you friends with the filmmakers or something?

  3. Mark Bell says:

    Went in and switched them up for you.

  4. Marc Buhmann says:

    While a nice review there are a couple things the reviewer mixed up. Kevin (Mat Labotka) is actually the brains behind the operation, while Justin (Adam El-Sharkawi) is his easily distracted friend. And Amanda (Colleen O’Neill) was never an advertising executive, but rather worked in advertising.

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