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By Phil Hall | December 24, 2002

If you’re like me, you love an afternoon’s barbecue. However, imagine my surprise when I checked my e-mail recently to discover that a barbecue was in progress…and I was the one on the grill!

This fiery situation is the result of a review I wrote about Everquest Players LFG, a 16-minute documentary on the subculture surrounding the popular online game. While the review praised the documentary and its creator, Pennsylvania-based filmmaker Nathan Bramble, Film Threat was flooded with a wave of negative comments from die-hard fans of the Everquest game players who were furious at how the review described the people featured in the film.

Read the hysterical comments sent by mad-as-hell Everquest aficionados to Film Threat in part two of EVERQUEST PLAYERS STRIKE BACK>>>

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