Normally I’d ask, “What’s the point?” In and of themselves, employment training videos are a wealth of entertainment. So being that “Gas ‘N Fuel” is a mock employment training video, I’d have to ask why. But the filmmakers behind this short have nailed the ridiculousness of these videos so perfectly that you’ll s**t yourself laughing. And then you can laugh some more because shitting in your pants is funny…unless you’re at a whorehouse, or your own wedding.
This mock training video takes place at a Gas ‘N Fuel gas station and convenience store. It begins just as a new employee is starting his first day on the job. Like a loving parent guiding their retarded child through the ABCs, a senior employee at the gas station trains this bubblehead in the ways of customer service, disaster prevention and foiling a robbery. There’s even a completely over-the-top enactment of how not to handle a robbery. Many bullets are spent, much blood is spilled and you’ll be doubled over in pain from laughing so f*****g hard.
Yes, “Gas ‘N Fuel” is pure entertainment heaven, but like I said before, so are real employment training videos. You just can’t believe that someone would make a video that’s meant to train people to be complete wastes of space…well, maybe you can believe it. The good thing is, and you know this if you’ve ever worked some shitty retail hole, owned by a corporation, everyone that sees these videos thinks they’re absolute laugh riots. When the district manager throws that tape on during your 7:00am work meeting, the biggest challenge is not to retain all of the useless information, but to keep yourself from exploding into a giggling fit. The filmmakers of “Gas ‘N Fuel” understand all of this perfectly and in turn thev’re made this amazing film.
Now, while we’re waiting for this film to have more screenings, let’s try and put together an employment training video festival – Buttcrust Fest. Why Buttcrust Fest? Well…what else are you gonna show at something with the title of Buttcrust? The people that make these videos are filmmakers too and it’s high time they got some damn recognition. Buttcrust Fest – it’ll be a surefire crowd pleaser. Come on gang, let’s do this!

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