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By Doug Brunell | September 19, 2004

“Garpenfargle” is a very simple film. It is about a dog named
Hobbes whose “master” (Edward Kim) needs to run an errand, but not before warning Hobbes to stay out of the garbage while he’s gone. You see where this is going, but the journey is darn fun.

This is the film for people who have wondered what their pets do while they are gone. Hobbes is your typical dog doing typical dog things, but he is really amusing to watch (and quite the actor, too). The phone scares the poor creature, and sneakers are very enticing, but the garbage — oh, the garbage — it beckons like the siren’s song. What will Hobbes do? Will he be caught? Will the phone ring again? It’s part of the mystery, and I was hooked the entire way.

I don’t normally like cutesy animal movies, but this is more realistic than most. Hobbes doesn’t talk or act like a human (thankfully). He acts exactly like what he is, which only makes the film even more endearing. Maybe I’ve got a newly discovered soft spot, or maybe I’m just insane, but I enjoyed this movie. If you’re torn between this and “Benji: Off the Leash,” see this. Hobbes can kick Benji’s a*s any day.

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