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By Clint Fleener | February 24, 2006

Everett decides that at thirty five he needs to accelerate the dating process, he wants to get married and have children but he doesn’t want to waste a couple of years getting to know someone only to have her leave because of some personality trait of his she can’t deal with. So he decides to disclose, and occasionally demonstrate, all his most horrible qualities on his first date. This way any potential mate can’t argue that she didn’t know he never left the television when March madness is on. As you can imagine, his initial results meet with disdain but he goes on a date with Brinn who is intrigued by his commitment, honesty and charm and plays along, disclosing her own intimate flaws. The result is a funny, charming romantic comedy. Something Hollywood hasn’t produced in awhile. Think about it, would you discuss your ‘toilet policy’ with a first date? Would you continue dating someone who did?

Douglas Horn has crafted a well made and hilarious discourse on honesty in a relationship, a great verbal ping pong match. Brent Sexton, a regular on ‘Deadwood’, as Everett is sharp and funny, he’s believable admitting embarrassing personal details while still being very charming. Judy Greer plays Brinn, if you have seen any of her work on ‘Arrested Development’ you know she is a gifted comic actress whose, here her reactions are perfect. Horn’s script is excellent at taking all the foibles and quips that define a relationship and pitting them against each other in an every escalating verbal skirmish. Full Disclosure is witty and better written then anything on television. The film is now making it’s festival run and can be seen at the Sedona Film Festival in February and Cinequest in March.

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  1. Hugo Toledo says:

    Truly underappreciated.

    I hope the actors’ fans (re-?)discover this film short. I’d not seen it in years and noticed it on the Apple TV app which I used for the first time in years today.

    It has held up very well.

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