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By Dennis Przywara | July 25, 2004

Within the heart of every Star Wars fan is a little voice dying to spew his views about the “Star Wars” that once was. To some, good old George has taken the once sacred saga and turned it into a CG enriched mess of plastic plots and acting as bad as the decade of Steve Gutenberg. To put it frankly, Star Wars fans are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! One such fan is director Damon Packard. Armed with only a Mac and some miscellaneous behind the scenes footage, Packard’s “The Untitled Star Wars Mocumentary” is a hilarious f**k you about not only the state of the Star Wars saga, but also that of the CG loaded blockbuster.

Witness the sheer hilarity of the typical behind the scenes DVD doc gone terribly wrong. Vanished is the stale, “What a great time it was to work with/kiss a*s to…” and inserted is everything as evil as the Dark Lord himself. From disgruntled Star Wars employees about to loose their minds to the machine of Lucasfilm, to the latest CG recruits required to bellow the brainwashing chant, “CGI rules… CGI rules.” Packard cleverly cuts scenes from the real Star Wars DVD docs while mixing in his own footage. The result is a sarcastic and comical commentary on how special effects have finally become first priority over compelling stories in Hollywood. The mockumentary verbally and visually strikes at every corner, never letting its fist of fury down.

The best example takes place when two Lucasfilm working stiffs use a combination of CG technology and homeless people to create some of the action packed battle scenes from Attack Of The Clones. By shooting real homeless people wielding knives and blending it with space age computer technology, they explain that the result is nothing less then the greatest war scene on celluloid. Packard on the other hand sees it as nothing more than another advertisement for the latest PS2 shoot ’em up game of the month gimmick.

There is something here to offend everyone associated with big time Hollywood; the computer wizard turned special effect lackey, the yes men who kiss a*s to all above them, and the director that’s gone mentally mad with power. The mock’s only moment of slight disappointment comes from scattered jokes of a pornographic nature, which might throw fans for a loop. Remember, you’ve been warned.

All done in good fun, “The Untitled Star Wars Mocumentary” is something that all disgruntled Starwoids have been salivating for. The film leaves us with a creative, but disturbing obituary of George Lucas, who by the mock’s point of view, died in 1977. Even though this is the work of Packard’s sick and twisted humor, some fans would feel he’s not far from the truth.

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