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By Chris Parcellin | September 3, 2002

As the years went on, Weigel got less and less work from Playboy and eventually the phone stopped ringing. “Christy (Hefner, daughter of publisher and founder Hugh M. Hefner) took over,” Weigel says. “And stopped getting me jobs and/or any auditions. They wanted they’re girls to hook, or just go away. (There was) no use for an old playmate.” She says another career impediment was “not selling out. But that’s why I didn’t make it as big as I could have.” And it seems fair to say that Weigel is less than fond of the elder Hefner. “I never talked to him. He’s the Devil’s son.” (Is she trying to make the Devil feel old?)

Around the same time Weigel was dealt another devastating blow. An August, 1990 car accident injured her neck and she was unable to work for four months. This left the perky, personable brunette in quite a quandary. Her solution? A career in hardcore pornographic videos. When asked why, Weigel says simply “Money.” And the triple-X lifestyle had other advantages, such as “…less hours, (and) bullshit. No casting couch.” She says, with a laugh, that now the worst thing she has to deal with is “limp dicks.” Another difference is that “porn fans and the porn people treat me like a star, not just another girl doing a movie.” Weigel says she was further injured in a subsequent auto mishap.”(On) October 31, 1994 I was in a bad car accident, and still to-this-day have problems with my back. And (I) can’t work or do other things like I could before the accident.”

Now in her late thirties-and having recently become a blonde, Weigel continues to appear in hardcore videos and magazine layouts, as well as touring the US as a feature attraction at strip clubs. She was also part of the ill-fated web venture “Sex Survivor 2000” which featured a houseful of pornstars going at it in front of webcams for the online pervert crowd. Continuing in that direction with her own website, she’s outfitted her home with web cams. This includes the highly invasive “crotch cam” that broadcasts her privates to the free world every time she sits down at her computer with no pants on. And, in another testament to her seemingly unflagging popularity–after an amazingly long ride in the sexploitation game, she has been chosen to host the 2002 AVN (Adult Video News) Awards show-the Oscar’s of the porn biz.

For her part, Weigel is unapologetic and thinks her detractors might be surprised to learn that she’s not so different from Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public. “I’m a very clean and tidy housekeeper. And just a good housewife–with a simple but happy life with my husband and all my animals.”

Weigel says that if she had a younger sister interested in going into porn she would tell her “not to. It would be better and more satisfying to just be a good wife and mother.” And what is Weigel’s advice for America’s youth? “Always tell the truth. That’s what has made my life as rewarding. And I’ve been happily married for fifteen years, so I guess I’m doing something right. But without telling the truth all the time, it wouldn’t be so.”

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