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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 3, 2008

They make good points. Remember in 9/11 when a monster tossed the head of the statue of liberty across the city?


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  1. rkh523 says:

    Thank you for proving my point Bob….must be nice to live in a vacuum.

  2. Bob says:

    It certainly reminded me of 9/11. Especially the shot of the billowing smoke coming down the street. Not very sensitive on the movie makers part. The terrorists will love this movie!

  3. rkh523 says:


    In response to your rant about us being ignorant and being, oh what was that eloquent term….”socially inept nerds?” OK…First of all, the ignorant partys in this case are you, Ms. Alice Hoagland and FOX News. Why? Because you still carry the badge of 9/11 around like some enigma of fear for us all never to forget. We have not forgotten. The difference between us and yourselves is that we have healed and moved on. Logic dictates that if you relate this to profitting off of 9/11 then Stalone has no business profitting off of Vietnam Vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by making the latest movie installment of “RAMBO”. Oh and while we are at it…let’s eradicate all movies like “Backdraft” because we don’t want to profit over firemen dying as well. You all are the ones who are ignorant. How do you expect us to heal if we have it always in our face? Those that want us to always remember what happened on 9/11 are pouring salt into the very wound of 9/11 that is trying to heal…and that my friend is ignorant. As far as being “Socially Inept Nerds” – well… at least I am smart enough to separate reality from fantasy. The thought of a 25 story high creature taking down the Chrysler building any time soon…hmmmm…..nah I don’t think it will happen, but HEY, it would be a cool sight in a MOVIE! The idea of 2 planes crashing into what was America’s Landmark was tragic….and like any tragedy, we mourn, we console and we go on. Why? Because those that died in the towers would be dishonored if we decided to live our lives in a vacuum based on that tragedy which occurred 7 years ago…

  4. VandalHeart says:


    How DARE you assume I’ve never lost anyone in an event like 9/11. She is NOT the only person to have lost family there. NOBODY ELSE is complaining. This is Fox News propeganda bullsh*t. You call us ignorant, but you don’t even know the root of the word: to ignore. You are ignoring the world around you, and you are making the grave assumption that people who post on the internet do nothing else in their spare time. Am I to assume that you troll the net looking for things to get pissed off about and calling people ignorant? Because that would probably be pretty ignorant. I would be ignoring the fact that you have to pay for your internet access somehow, and that means you likely have a job, and therefor relationships and connections with living, breathing people, instead of simply their electronic personas. Movies have decimated the living f*ck out of NYC for years and you’d know that if you watched ANY movies, or are you really that much of an ignorant p*ss stain on society? Before you call the kettle black, you might want to make sure you’re not the d*mn pot, you fool. Read the preceding posts before you condemn people. You might learn something.


  5. sickfreaks says:

    you are all so ignorant. if you know that the movie actually reacts 911 with everything from the buildings to the smoke you would know how upsetting it is, and this poor woman lost her son and all you can say is that she is a dumb b*tch? what is wrong with you socially inept nerds? you have no idea what it is like to lose friends or family in something like this that happend
    but then again you dont have friends if all you do is enjoy movies that react people suffering and love your sensationalism

  6. usagi says:

    wow she knows nothing…

    everyone knows that this movie is based on whats to come in 2012, these are just fiction movies. For her to even bring up 9/11 was uncalled for. She just woke up and saw the poster and just thought of 9/11. what a clueless dumb b**ch. i’m so stress about her comment, she needs to do some serious research.

  7. VandalHeart says:

    I want to know how this happens. Someone please explain the phenomenon in which people go deaf when they start to speak. This has to be what’s happening, because I cannot believe that anyone whould actually finish thoughts such as these out loud if they actually heard what they were saying. Let’s go down the list:

    1 – “This movie is taking advantage of 9/11 and doing it for it’s own profit.” In all fairness, I can see how someone who hasn’t been following it as close as us Clovies would immediately jump to that conclusion. However, like all “expert” opinions, this statement is incredibly uninformed. A little research into Cloverfield would reveal the actual reasonings here. The scene with the statue’s head was inspired, as Drew cited, by a promotional poster for John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York.” J J Abrams stated as much. And again, this is not the first time New York City has been the target of a fictional disaster. It is the most recognizeable city in the world, therefor things like this will happen. The only reason the earthquake and volcano movies weren’t set there is that a seizmic event on the east coast is contrary to most scientific evidence. Otherwise, the Big Apple would have burned and shook long since past. She even mentions the other monster movies set in New York. What about the top of the Empire State Building getting shot up by planes in King Kong? Lemme think here…planes…um, let’s see…incredibly recognizeable New York Building…um…why didn’t Peter Jackson get lynched for that? Oh, yeah, because it wasn’t an original thought, therefore, they couldn’t blame it on him. BUT NOW’S THEY’RE CHANCE!!!

    2 – “Unless the message is profound…” One man’s trash, lady. Having a son who died in a terrorist attack does not make you an art critic, and you’re already on my bad side, so stop trying to join the ranks of people I already have a severe philosophical problem with in the first place.

    3 – “…talking about Al’Queda, or one of it’s (almost laughing) evil cousins…” Um…excuse me…but, uh, did you just ALMOST F*CKING LAUGH RIGHT THERE?!? I understand that some things are so traumatic that you can either laugh or cry at them, but WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?!? Is this a joke to her? Is she even taking this seriously? I wouldn’t bring this up if…oh, yeah…I didn’t bring this up. She did. Fox News did. Which segues perfectly into…

    4 – “What we need to do is remember September 11th for the reasons it needs to be remembered…” You have GOT to be kidding me. For the rest of us who can engage in suspension of disbelief and can recover from an event, we were remembering it just fine without YOU — YES, YOU — bringing it up. YOU decided to make that connection. YOU decided to call someone and gripe. YOU decided to make this an issue. For the rest of us who have been following this event for the past six months ever since the original trailer in Transformers, this had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Wait…Transformers…didn’t Megatron, the leader of a splinter group of his homeworld’s government and religion attack a city much like New York and it’s citizenry for assisting what they saw as their ancestral enemies? Why didn’t Michael Bay catch this flak?

    5 – “We don’t need to be reminded of 9/11…” PICK A DIRECTION, WOMAN!!! Either we SHOULD remember 9/11 (for the right reasons), or we SHOULDN’T be reminded of it. Either the message should be profound and in relation to the attacks on 9/11, or no movie that has anything to do with the destruction of New York or any of it’s wondrous arcitecture should be produced. You a*s-drizzlings at Fox love to point out how we can’t have our cake and eat it too, but it doesn’t sit too well with you when the rule applies to you, does it? So, Nick Cavuto, I am officially taking away your plate and upending it on Alice Hoagland’s head. You should BOTH be ashamed of yourselves.

    Oh…why, you ask? Because you’re trying to profit off of 9/11. I have proof at the top of this page.

  8. rkh523 says:

    Typical FOX Propaganda….try and scare the public. You know instead of bitching about a monster movie, why not bitch about the Iraq war? I mean after all if one were to compare the Iraq War to 9/11 as this woman does Cloverfield to 9/11 on the basis of “…unless it’s about Al’Queda…”, hey, the war in Iraq is NOT OK. (Anyone with a brain knows Saddam Hussein had NOTHING to do with 9/11.) Wow…Did FOX News just undermine itself by the comparison I just mentioned? Let’s wait and see if @$$hole O’Reilly tries to debate this point….

    FOX News….Faster than the speed of LIES….

  9. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    “You don’t believe that there are asshats all over the world who will whine about anything?”

    Actually, if you managed to read into the subject, It’s actually saying that FOX News is creating something out of nothing, the very thing you mentioned in your last line. There ARE people who will whine over anything, hence the point of the post.

  10. drew88101 (drew Gutierrez) says:

    anyway man i just want to thank you for hosting these blogs with all the insite for people to put in their 2 cents you do a GREAT job and it’s interesting to see what peoples theories are regarding the movie clovierfield (on a side note i’m currently in ABQ. New mexico for work and on the University of new mexico campus. they must have an OLD promo poster cause it’s the clover field psoter but up top it says monstrous lol

  11. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    HAH! I wouldn’t be surprised.

  12. DiRT says:

    You really can’t see you you’ve injected your own false controversy into this, Felix? “FOX News creates false controversy” Really? You really think they hired actors to come in and film this? You don’t believe that there are asshats all over the world who will whine about anything?

  13. Drew88101 says:

    I DID forget that. But as i mentioned some people THRIVE on controversy. I’m just awaiting the controversy from the dark night. I’m sure someone from McDonalds will say that heath ledgers portrayal of the joker gives clowns a bad name and it has negatively impacted sales of happy meals. Peoples Stupidity just ceases to amaze me.

  14. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    You also forgot to mention the idiot who petitioned the Lord of the Rings sequel because it was called The Two Towers. He said it was cashing in on the 9/11 tragedy. Weird since the book was written decades ago.

  15. Drew88101 says:

    Ok regarding these people creating something out of nothing i have but one simple year to mention


    that is when Escape from new york was released. And with that one of the movie posters depicted the head of the statue of liberty lying on the ground. It’s been mentioned that poster was one of the inspirations FOR that scene. It’s a movie people let’s not look into this ANYMORe then we have to. This reminds me of the original spiderman movie trailer when he had the 2 bad guys webbed between the two towers they had to remove that from theatres because they felt it moght be too controversial. They had to go in and digitally remove all aspects of the towers. OK 9/11 something BAD happend. That doesn’t mean anything that deals with a monster movie, or new york getting attacked, or an advertisement for starbucks (WHICH if you remember a few years back was under fire for an ad which depicted a smoothie type drink and a dragonfly flying towards it) was being insensitive because it reminded someone of the 9/11 attacks. People just have too much time on their hands and obviously if they are unhappy they are going to try to create as much controversy as possible.

  16. The informer says:

    Yea Felix i remember that. Lady get life, stop trying to destroy something that other people love because you need someone to suffer for the death of your son. Think about what you are saying, you’re comparing a fictional monster movie, that hasn’t even been released yet, to a tragedy that happend more than six years ago.

  17. […] As Felix says, “Remember in 9/11 when a monster tossed the head of the statue of liberty across the city?” […]

  18. Antz says:

    She says, “Unless it’s about Al Quaida” then it’s not okay.
    What does that mean?
    Show Americans killing Arabs and it’s ok, but have a fictional monster tear apart a city (which, apparently, is a new genre to some people) and every goes ape-s**t.

  19. Andrew Gutierrez says:

    It’s been a while since i posted BUT DAMN can this lady get any dumber it’s a monster movie for gods sake, if she’s bitching bout this, then she needs to bitch about die hard, or rambo, or little mermaid!

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