The Found Footage Festival, the acclaimed touring showcase of odd and hilarious found videos, will make its triumphant return home to New York this month to debut an all-new show for 2008. Hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, whose credits include The Onion and the Late Show with David Letterman, are excited to present their new lineup of found video clips and live comedy in four big shows at Anthology Film Archives (32 2nd Ave.) on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th at 7 and 9 pm. A national tour will follow soon after.

The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind event that compiles more than an hour’s worth of footage from videos that were found at garage sales and thrift stores and in warehouses and dumpsters throughout the country. Curators Pickett and Prueher host each screening in-person and provide their unique observations and commentary on these found video obscurities. From the curiously-produced industrial training video to the forsaken home movie donated to Goodwill, the Found Footage Festival resurrects these forgotten treasures and serves them up in a lively celebration of all things found.

Among the new clips to be featured in the 2008 show:

17 workplace sexual harassment videos, edited down to three minutes of just the best reenactments

A brand-new collection of exercise videos featuring Playgirl’s 1985 Man of the Year, a scantily-clad Angela Lansbury, and a guru who calls himself “The Laughing Yogi.”

An instructional video on how to toilet train cats

The Found Footage Festival was founded in New York in 2004 and has gone on to sell out hundreds of shows across the U.S. and Canada, including the HBO Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. The festival has been featured on National Public Radio, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and G4 TV’s Attack of the Show, and has been named a “Critic’s Pick” in dozens of publications, including The Village Voice, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and The Chicago Tribune.

Visit The Found Footage Festival on Myspace for more info and a new 2008 festival trailer>>>

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