By Admin | June 3, 2003

No more “Rain Man.” No more Other Sister. No more “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” And no more goddamn “Forrest Gump.” True, all of these characters may be a little dangerous with a switchblade, but at least they can walk down the street semi-normally. Let’s have a movie that represents a true affliction. Let’s have a movie about a guy with Elephantiasis of the nuts!
Since 1984, all we’ve really had in the way of cinematic nutsackus gigantus (besides various mondo films) is the interesting little educational film shown in “Johnny Dangerously” where we see those suffering from this awful affliction carrying around their humongous balls. And then in 1985, John Bender entertained his detention cellmates with the thought of a guy’s Elephantiasis nuts having to ride shotgun in the car. But that merely planted a seed in all of our brains, conjuring our own mental pictures of what life must be like when you’re swingin’ so low, they drag.
But now, after nearly 20 years, someone has taken up the challenge of showing us what life with abnormally big balls may be like and that someone is Harry Witt – writer and director of “Elephantitus.”
Here’s a brief run down of the film from Harry himself:
“Elephantitus” is a provocative black comedy heralding the tragic life of a young man with enormous testicles.
Titus is lured away from the cruel orphanage and joins a border town carnival where a gypsy witch teaches him the blessing of his curse. She gazes into his swollen balls, reading fortunes for the hopeful and the desperate.
Business is brisk until a beautiful TV reporter exposes the carnival’s filthy underbelly and sets into motion a breathless cavalcade of bizarre human tragedy.
The film’s shcoking climax is nothing short of a cinematic tour de forced in which Titus’s madness consumes every fiber of his being.

“Elephantitus” is scheduled for a 5-week shoot in Austin, TX beginning on August 11. The movie will be shot on digital video. Harry’s extensive contacts in the Austin production scene ensure that while this film is low-budget, it will have the highest possible production values.
Check out the film’s progress at the “Elephantitus” website.

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