By admin | November 28, 2005

Agent 00 (three foot tall Weng Weng) is sent by the Philippine government to take down Mr. Giant and his drug dealing, white slaving gang of hit men. Of course all the baggage customary to spy thrillers is in place; girls, guns, gadgets and goons. Along the way Weng Weng beds beautiful women, displays a remarkable handling of firearms, and disco’s his little a*s off. He also jets around in a miniature rocket back pack, dons x-ray glasses and crushes the crotches of his enemies with his tiny hands.

If the producers of this cinematic s**t-storm didn’t expect us to snicker at all of this, then their intentions were certainly lost, or at the very least unclear. Incidently, the film is horribly dubbed into English and perhaps something of note went missing in translation, though it is doubtful. “For Your Height Only” can be seen as either a parody of James Bond films, or some sort of whack homage, and this was only the first of three.

Further, Weng Weng’s character Agent 00 isn’t treated sympathetically, as was the case with Tod Browning’s “Freaks”, and to a lesser degree in Jack Cardiff’s “The Freakmaker”. Nope, this tacky exercise is what it is – an exploitation film. It’s unique and entertaining in a very low brow kind of way, just as such a picture should be.

This DVD release by Mondo Macabro also comes with the 2nd feature “Challenge Of The Tiger” and extensive background information on both.

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