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By Admin | May 29, 2008

Brett Ratner to direct “Beverly Hills Cop 4”
Source: Variety

You know, this doesn’t bother me so much. Why? Because Brett Ratner can do explosions and action. Think “Rush Hour” without the buddy cop thing, and only Chris Tucker (ok, ok… that’s not convincing or reassuring). Anyway, what does the franchise have to lose?

Think about it: was “Beverly Hills Cop 3” so good that we can’t follow it up with something that has the potential to be at least marginally better? And it’s not like we’re worrying about Eddie Murphy’s reputation anymore; he f****d that goat a long time ago.

Honestly, I’m likely to skip it either way (I saw “3” on video, I’ll likely see “4” that way too) so I guess I don’t really care. But it actually might not suck and, most likely at least, will be better than “3” (which DID suck).

Brett Ratner wants Robert Downey Jr. for Hugh Hefner role
Source: Entertainment Weekly

I’m keeping it Ratner! And this is kind of non-news, which is why I’m talking about it. Basically, Ratner has a bio-pic script about Hugh Hefner called “Playboy” that he’d like to turn into a movie. As his choice to play Hefner, he’d like Downey Jr. Why do I consider this non-news?

This morning I was hungry. I really wanted Eggs Benedict. Replace the previous two sentences with the ones about what Ratner wants, and I’ve illustrated my point. Notice we still don’t know what I ate?

The best quote from the entire piece is the following:

“Robert Downey Jr. agreed to do it based on the script,” the director says.

Why is that my favorite quote? Because of what comes immediately after:

“We’re gonna hand him the script very shortly. He loves the character and the role and we’ve been meeting with him on it. So, if he wants to do it, we’re excited to have him.”

Um, he agreed because of the script, and yet you haven’t handed him a copy of the script yet? Wha? Oh, and what guy wouldn’t love the character and role of a man that basically spends all his time around hot, naked women? See how this is STILL non-news?

TV critic gets the Tivo treatment
Source: New York Times

There’s been a lot of talk about how critics are dying off. Prominent film critics are getting let go from newspapers and websites, it really seems like an endangered job. And it is… if you expect to get paid.

See, I don’t think TV, film or music criticism is going anywhere. I do think that the extremely small world of PAID criticism is on its way out the door. Why? Because there’s too many free options available, one, paper, magazine and website earnings are down, two, and why pay someone to give an opinion that may contradict or insult a paying advertiser, three?

However, there may be a very tiny light at the end of the tunnel. Tivo owners will soon be able to automatically record programs based on a list of Chicago Tribune TV critic Maureen Ryan’s personal picks of the week. Why is this good news?

Because it places a value on critical opinion. Shows that folks MIGHT give a damn what Maureen thinks, enough to record programs she gives the ok to, and the domino effect falls onto film criticism too. Would you record Ebert or Roeper’s weekly picks?

Of course, does this news help all us indie critics out there? Not bloody likely. The names that people already know will likely benefit, but we’re still going to be doing this for the love of the game (or something). But still… it’s something…

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  1. Nathan says:

    I greatly value the opinions of the critics on this website as well as critics such as Manohla Dargis, Roger Ebert, David Ansen, etc. I was saddened to learn that David Ansen’s contract was bought out by Newsweek and that film critics were being summarily fired across the country.

  2. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    For love of the game…

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