By Chris Parcellin | August 6, 2001

Roger Milato (John Gregorio) is an average, thirtysomething guy taking a class in Spanish. He just happens to be smitten with a beautiful, young classmate named Yutti (Tanya Perez). And, as it turns out, the class’s teacher, Ms. Valquez (Katherine Cortez) has the hots for him. She invites him to her apartment to study, but she’s more interested in a torrid anatomy lesson.
At the same time, sexy Yutti starts to warm up to our rather clueless star, but it doesn’t look good when his ineptitude at Spanish leads him to say to her, “The sun shines on your vagina.” She counters with a right uppercut that floors the verbally challenged punk.
More trouble awaits Milato when the teacher brings him to meet her Spanish-speaking ex-boyfriend. She tells him exactly what to say–and none of it is good. This results in Milato’s second a*s-whipping in about as many minutes. So, after two beatings in a row will Roger find true love?
“Fly Trap” is well-acted and well-directed. It’s mildly raunchy, yet fun and smart. And Tanya Perez looks like she has what it takes to be a hot, new starlet.

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