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By Film Threat Staff | March 2, 2005

The Florida Film Festival has announced the competition line up for the 2005 event. This year’s Festival takes place April 8-17, 2005 in Orlando, Florida. The 10-day festival highlights the best in American independent and international film.
The following films have been selected and confirmed for the 2005 Florida Film Festival American Independent Competition. These films are eligible for Grand Jury, Special Jury and Audience Awards in each of eleven categories. The selections include five (5) World, four (4) North American, twenty-five (25) East Coast, and twenty-one (21) Southeast premieres. Nine (9) of the films will have their Second US Showing at the Festival.
Narrative Feature Competition:

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright, directed by David Beaird, East Coast Premiere
Duane Incarnate, directed by Hal Salwen, Southeast Premiere
The Last Hold-Outs, directed by Edward Burns, Southeast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
lbs., directed by Matthew Bonifacio, Southeast Premiere
Loggerheads, directed by Tim Kirkman, East Coast Premiere
On the Outs, directed by Lori Silverbush & Michael Skolnik, East Coast Premiere
Pizza, directed by Mark Christopher, Southeast Premiere
Poster Boy, directed by Zak Tucker, Southeast Premiere
Sexual Life, directed by Ken Kwapis, Southeast Premiere
XY, directed by Vladimir Vitkin, Florida Premiere

Documentary Feature Competition:

Boxers and Ballerinas, directed by Brit Marling & Mike Cahill, East Coast Premiere
The Fall of Fujimori , directed by Ellen Perry, East Coast Premiere
Forgiving Dr. Mengele, directed by Bob Hercules & Cheri Pugh, World Premiere
Mardi Gras: Made in China, directed by David Redmon, Southeast Premiere
Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power, directed by Sandra Dickson & Churchill Roberts, Florida Premiere
Pucker Up: The Fine Art of Whistling, directed by Kate Davis & David Heilbroner, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
Reel Paradise, directed by Steve James, Southeast Premiere
The Royal Academy, directed by Tony Cane-Honeysett, Regional Premiere
Three of Hearts: a postModern family, directed by Susan Kaplan, Regional Premiere
Troop 1500, directed by Ellen Spiro, Southeast Premiere

Narrative Shorts Competition:

The Act, directed by Susan Kraker & Pi Ware, East Coast Premiere
Bodies, directed by Amy Wendel, Regional Premiere
Broadcast 23, directed by Tom Putnam, Southeast Premiere
Buoi Chieu (Afternoon), directed by Kim Spurlock, East Coast Premiere
A Can of Paint, directed by Robi Michael
Clean, directed by Glen Owen, Regional Premiere
Consent, directed by Jason Reitman, Florida Premiere
The Elephant’s Egg, directed by Sam Yousefian, Southeast Premiere
Estes Avenue, directed by Paul Cotter, East Coast Premiere
Fields of Mudan, directed by stevo, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
Frijolito Go!, directed by Tony Mosher, Regional Premiere, 2nd US Showing
In the Morning, directed by Danielle Lurie, East Coast Premiere
The Intervention, directed by Jay Duplass, North American Premiere
Junebug and Hurricane, directed by James Ponsoldt, Florida Premiere
La vie d’un Chien (The Life of a Dog), directed by John Harden, East Coast Premiere
Late Bloomer, directed by Craig Macneil, Southeast Premiere
News for the Church, directed by Andrew McCarthy, Regional Premiere
Our Time is Up, directed by Rob Pearlstein, Southeast Premiere
The Passing of Mrs. Calabash, directed by Scott Tuft
Pee Shy, directed by Deb Hagan, East Coast Premiere
Quasar Hernandez, directed by David Zellner, East Coast Premiere
Summer of the Serpent, directed by Kimi Takesue, Southeast Premiere
The Raftman’s Razor, directed by Keith Bearden, Southeast Premiere
The Spin Cycle, directed by Chris Ohlson, Southeast Premiere
West Bank Story, directed by Ari Sandel, East Coast Premiere
Wet, directed by Hannah Beth King, World Premiere
Youngster, directed by Will Canon, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing

Documentary Shorts Competition:

Birdlings Two, directed by Davina Pardo, East Coast Premiere
Calvin’s World, directed by Judi Stroh & Lauren Kinsler, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
Dimmer, directed by Talmage Cooley, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
Mighty Times: The Children’s March, directed by Bobby Houston & Robert Hudson, Southeast Premiere
The Old Man and Hemingway, directed by Hugo Perez, Florida Premiere
Parents of the Year, directed by James Scurlock, Southeast Premiere
Phantom Limb, directed by Jay Rosenblatt, Southeast Premiere
Positively Naked , directed by Arlene DonnellyNelson & David Nelson, Southeast Premiere
Sister Rose’s Passion, directed by Oren Jacoby, Southeast Premiere
Small Town Secrets, directed by Katherine Leggett, Southeast Premiere

Animated Shorts Competition:

9, directed by Shane Acker, East Coast Premiere
The Backbrace, directed by Carolyn & Andy London, World Premiere
A Buck’s Worth, directed by Tatia Rosenthal, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
Dentist, directed by Signe Baumane, North American Premiere
Frog, directed by Christopher Conforti, Regional Premiere
Guard Dog, directed by Bill Plympton, Florida Premiere
Joe Blow, directed by Mark Gustafson, Southeast Premiere
Kleeman and Mike, directed by Randall Christopher , East Coast Premiere
Learn Self Defense, directed by Chris Harding, East Coast Premiere, 2nd US Showing
The Meaning of Life, directed by Don Hertzfeldt, Florida Premiere
Pee-nut, directed by PES, World Premiere
Return I Will to Old Brazil, directed by Alex Budovsky, North American Premiere
Specidemons, directed by Jeffery Scheetz, World Premiere
When it Rains, directed by Alina Bliumis, North American Premiere

For more info, visit the Florida Film Festival website.

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