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By Chris Gore | January 26, 1998

This confused personal documentary by Odette Springer, a former Roger Corman employee, explores the world of scream queens and the actresses who would bare more than their soul to be maimed in schlock Corman flicks. The film follows the scream queens on their quest for respect as well as revealing Odette Springer’s personal journey while working for Corman as a music composer for these B-movies.
Springer learns that she was molested as a child. Sequences of the film are intercut with 8mm films of Springer as a three year-old doing her own brand of nude dancing. The frequent use of herself as an innocent naked child borders on exploitation itself. Neither story is successfully told — the scream queens’ or Springer’s alleged molestation make for a less than satisfying experience for viewers. (And that’s really hard to do in a film that features so many bare breasts!)

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