By Eric Campos | March 19, 2004

Many people that go to prison end up spending most of their time there due to parole violations. Most law-abiding citizens will shrug and say that that’s what they get for not being able to stay straight and clean. But this film reveals that there’s more to it than just the weak will power of these parolees.

“A Hard Straight” focuses on three separate parolees, each with their own stories, but all of them with the same problem and that problem is that these people are being dumped right back into the community they got in trouble in, creating a vicious cycle where, for the most part, trouble is finding these people, not the other way around.

Our system of rehabilitation is called into question as we observe these three tales of struggle and the system sucks. And it’s this system that pretty much says some are born to lose and there’s nothing you can really do about it no matter how much you may want to genuinely get on the straight and narrow. So be grateful that you’re on the right side of the fence because if you’re caught in the vicious cycle that these people are in, well, you’re just f****d.

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