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By Eric Campos | July 6, 2007

Following almost the exact same formula as “Snakes on a Plane,” “Flight of the Living Dead” finds a mad scientist sneaking some sort of top secret killer science project aboard a commercial flight that winds up causing an in-flight zombie outbreak. And you thought trying to escape screaming kids, funky body odors and shitty family movies on a plane flight was impossible. Whoah!

Many that saw “Snakes on a Plane” complained that it took a while before it got going. While “Flight of the Living Dead” hits the ground running with the movie beginning as the plane is already in the air, there’s still quite a bit of lead up to the zombie outbreak – lots of gettin’ to know the chuckleheads on board, who are fairly close facsimiles to the passengers aboard flight MUTHAFUCKIN’ SNAKES. But I’m not complaining. This is a Zombies on a Plane movie, I’m not looking for depth, just a bunch of people who are going to be fun to laugh at while they’re suffering a nasty zombie related death. And fun they are with just about everybody on board being a poor excuse for a human being whom you can’t wait to be torn to pieces. An exception is Richard Tyson as one of the film’s few heroes, playing a trigger happy federal air marshall. Buddy Revell kicks much zombie a*s in this one and you won’t be able to help but stomp your feet and cheer.

You get what you came for here. There’s no way in hell you can expect a good movie by an stretch of the imagination and a good movie you do not receive. But goddamnit, it’s fun! Tons of zombie munchings and creative gore, as well as more than enough gun play and explosions to allow any real plane flight to stay in the air, will keep midnight movie fanatics hollering for more.

So, c’mon! Let’s get more s**t on a plane! What’s next?

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