Film Threat received this letter regarding the arrest of Iranian filmmaker Tahmineh Milani: ^ Dear Friends and Colleagues:
Thank you for your outpouring of concern for Ms. Tahmineh Milani, the Iranian filmmaker detained by her government, in part for the feminist positions taken in the film The Hidden Half,
We are relieved to announce that Ms. Milani has been released.
Mohammad Khatami, the reformist President of Iran, personally supported Ms. Milani’s release. Like all domestically produced Iranian films, The Hidden Half went through intense censorship processes. It was then approved by the Ministry of Culture, and released to theatres. For the director then to be arrested for the content of the film seemed, as President Khatami himself put it at a news conference on Saturday, unfair to say the least.
For the time being, Ms. Milani has returned to her home. However, she may still face a trial. We will keep you posted as events develop.
Thank you again for your concern.
Sincerely, ^ Milos Stehlik and Ray Privett

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