By Eric Campos | September 27, 2004

When a team of parapsychologists is invited to a creepy old mansion to investigate some supernatural activity, right after we just saw the original team get graphically ripped apart by an invisible force a couple of minutes prior, what do you do? You grab yourself a bottle of rotgut and strap in for a wild ride. This isn’t “Ghostbusters.” Somebody is going to get hurt here.
Welcomed by the sinister owner of the manor, our investigators quickly split up, ready and able to encounter any sort of supernatural activity with…flashlights and video cameras. It’s a start. What they don’t know is that they’ve actually been served up as chow for the many demons lurking about the mansion. Blood, guts and boobs follow en masse.
And may I say that for a movie about the investigation of a dark, quiet, creepy mansion, there sure is a lot of female nudity going on. It’s like going to a Cuba Gooding Jr. film and finding that it’s actually funny. This is just something you’re not expecting, but can say that you’re quite happy about in the end.
The film does drag a little here and there. It can be a little difficult to keep your characters wandering around dark hallways interesting, but the filmmakers here definitely do their best. Videogame aficionados will thrill at the very “Silent Hill” feeling most of this move exudes, while gorehounds will love the abundance of blood and naked flesh. A special point of interest features a gut barfing a la Fulci’s “City of the Living Dead.”
And of course, all the rockers out there will love the headbanging soundtrack by Buckethead.
“Flesh for the Beast” is good times.

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