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By Film Threat Staff | July 4, 2002

Got the film in the can, but don’t have the ends for post production? Well, don’t take that job at Chippendales or Hooters just yet. NextPix is here to help you out!

NextPix, a production company based in New York, will be giving up to $5,000 in post production funding to a select group of filmmakers through its “firstPix” program.

“We’re really excited about the firstPix program, and the help it can provide to filmmakers at a critical stage in their project, where they’ve got footage in the can or video ready to edit, or maybe even have a completed film. They may need money to help finish the film, or go on a festival tour, or fund an acquisitions screening. The grant is designed to address those kinds of needs,” says program director Shelley Friedman.

To have your film accepted into the program, you need to be a first or second time filmmaker with a piece that carries with it a humanitarian message.

“We want the firstPix projects to reflect positive humanitarian messages and under the umbrella of ‘humanitarian’ we’ve provided a pretty broad definition. Suffice it to say we’d like to support filmmakers who want to both entertain and say something meaningful, who are thinking about their responsibility as media artists and how they impact the overall culture,” says nextPix president and fellow humanitarian Don Thompson.

In other words, if your film is about the Dirty Underwear Gang then you’re more than likely not gonna get five grand out of these guys.

Applicants need to have their films in by September 15th with winners announced in late Novemeber.

To learn how to apply, visit the official website for nextPix!

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