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By Mark Bell | January 30, 2011

The FirstGlance Hollywood 11 Film Festival, taking place April 8-10, 2011, has announced its official selections for the upcoming event. From the official announcement:

We are very proud to announce the films screening at FirstGlance Hollywood 11 on April 8-10 2011
at Raleigh Studios Hollywood

All Official Selections receive an awards package valued at over $200.00.
The BEST OF THE FEST winner is decided with help from the screening audience, so invite family, friends, cast and crew to take part in your screening!

Over 80% of the films screening are PREMIERES!


Unrequited -Directed by Jason Epperson

1,001 Ways to Enjoy the Missionary Position-Directed by Alan Chu

Face to Face-Directed by Michael Rymer

The Wayshower-Directed by Jsu Garcia

Feature Docs

Humble Beauty: Skid Row Artists-Directed by Judith Vogelsang

Keiko: The Untold Story-Directed by Theresa Demarest


Hear Me-Directed by Kenn Michael

Inferno-Directed by Jarid Boyce

Sudden Death-Directed by Adam Hall

Exclusive-Directed by Elan Golod

Knight to D7-Directed by Nathan Scoggins

Vento (The Wind) -Directed by Marcio Salem

Le Miroir -Directed by Sebastien Rossignol

10:17 -Directed by Mario Moriera

Misdirection-Directed by Doron Kipper

Eros -Directed by Andrew Blum

Shorts 2

Table 7 -Directed by Marko Slavnic

Mental -Directed by Joy Gohring

The Waste -Directed by Eric Schrecongost

Holdup -Directed by Aprile Ruha

For Jie -Directed by Hiroshi Hara

Mini Docs

The River Under the City of Angels-Directed by Fred Kaplan

Cope-Directed by Layla Bozek


Bot -Directed by Mustafa Lazkani

Of Life & Death-Directed by Jake Portman

The Lighthouse Girl -Directed by Ryan Miller

Music Video

Whitenights – Stop & Go-Directed by Daniel Bartels

Could it Be-Directed by Matt Webb

Web Series Pilot (Sponsored by KoldCast TV)

McCracken Live! -Directed by Andrew Moorman

The Best Sketch Comedy Show-Directed by Steve Porcaro

Spring 2011 Short Online Contest Invited Films
In 2010 we presented over 50 short films online. More than any other festival in the world and awarded over $5000.00 in prizes.

Over 5000 registered voters, voted over 14,000 times to create one of the most competitive online short contests for any film festival in North America.

We look forward to you being part of the next Short Online Contest.

The Short Online Contest begins in Late March 2011 and run for 6 weeks.

(More information will be sent to you on the process to take part)

Andre-Directed by Christopher Fernandez

Another Life-Directed by Nathan Ruegger

Apocalypse Story-Directed by Jeffrey P. Nesker

Bottles-Directed by Jon Stout

Broken Clouds-Directed by Yuri Alves

Celebrities in Disgrace-Directed by Elizabeth Searle

Chase Thompson, a film by Chase Thompson-Directed by Vincent Lin

Clemency-Directed by Joseph Albanese

Controlled Burn-Directed by Dan Van Wert

Cope-Directed by Layla Bozek

Do Me A Solid-Directed by Greg DePetro

Drift -Directed by Jim Vendiola

Enter The Dark-Directed by Todd Miro

Freaky Saturday Night Fever-Directed by Paul Harth

Grandpa’s Wet Dream-Directed by Chihiro Amemiya

Guilty Shoes-Directed by Ryan Clausen

Holdup-Directed by Aprile Ruha

Huhu Attack! -Directed by Patrick Gillies

Los Four McNifikos -Directed by Tucker Davila Wood

Love, Processed -Directed by Clementine Cayrol

Maxx Galaxy -Directed by Mark Laty

Not Worth A Bullet-Directed by Markus Lindner

Prescott Place -Directed by Peilin Kuo

Roger’s Number -Directed by Gianluca Cavaleri

Running Up That Hill-Directed by Adam Graz

Salvation By Blood-Directed by Devon Mikolas

Ships Wrecked-Directed by Cove Kevin Liang

Significant Non-Happenings on Sugar-Hill -Directed by Agneya Singh

Spare -Directed by Tomer Almagor

St. Christophorus: Roadkill -Directed by Gregor Erler

Sweet Sweet Baby-Directed by Susan Hunt

Swing-Directed by Yen-Ting Kuo

The Board Meeting-Directed by Maggie Franks

The Buck Johnson Story-Directed by Blake McCray

The Filmmaker -Directed by Marcello Fabrizi

The Hatter’s Apprentice -Directed by Derek Meyer

The Ingredient -Directed by Tad Patterson

The Land is Stale -Directed by Gabriel Ho

The Last Night-Directed by Brad Cruz

The Wind-Up Life-Directed by Yi-Jen Chen

Tin Soldier-Directed by Pascal Alain

Two Friendly Ghosts-Directed by Birke Birkner

Until We Meet Again…Building a School in Tanzania-Directed by Peggy Seltz

What’ll You Give-Directed by Susan Sfarra

Winter Rose-Directed by Anita George

Yitzy-Directed by David Tianga

Thank you to all Official Selections and short online films.

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  1. ted2daH says:

    nice selections. looking fwd to it.

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