Art celebrates art at the first-ever Silver Lake Film Festival, which will be held from [ September 14th through the 17th ] in the eclectic, and hip, east-of Hollywood area. The Festival aims to be more than just another L.A. film parade: it’s the only regional festival that isn’t backed by an institution, and it also brings together a “multi-arts” approach by presenting select films on the arts that will often be accompanied and complemented by other visual arts, such as live music, photography displays, and lectures. Non-mainstream and experimental work is embraced by the Festival, as is an unflagging support of Silver Lake-area film creators.
An added perk: films will be screened in several of the beautiful historic theatres that dot the Silver Lake scene, including the lovely Vista Theatre. For tickets and more on this new Fest, go to [ the Silver Lake Film Fest website. ]

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