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By John Wildman | October 21, 2013

Well, Films Gone Wild people.. I’m back. It’s been a long time since I have contributed to this site, but the gracious “you always have a journalistic home” here policy of the delightful Mark Bell has allowed me to revive this sucker.

And what better way than to start with some cool pictures of filmmakers and celebrities from the just concluded 2013 New York Film Festival. Since I posted shots of everyone that made an appearance on our red carpets this year on my Facebook page, I thought this would be a fun “exclusive” to get the ball rolling here once again. So, here goes…

STEVE COOGAN – Introducing the press screening for ALAN PARTRIDGE I said that having Steve Coogan here was one of my personal happy thoughts for this year’s edition of the film festival. He was somewhat subdued while he was here but still damn funny. At one point when asked his opinion of the Queen and the Royal family, he replied (and I’m paraphrasing), “I think the Bolsheviks had the right idea when it came to aristocracy.”

Steve Coogan  
Steve Coogan & Gavin Smith, NYFF, 2013
Steve Coogan intros ALAN PARTRIDGE and then makes Gavin Smith (NYFF Selection Committee) laugh during a Q&A on September 28. (Photo by Richard Jopson)

PATRICK DANIELS and ROBERT BERGER – Co-directors of CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO, a film that screened as part of the NYFF Convergence program, places you in the cockpit with various airline pilots and crew members who encountered disaster in the sky and went down with their planes – with very few survivors. The 3-D experience is nothing short of harrowing and will make you forever wonder afterwards if everything is okay up there in the front of the plane you’re on.

NYFF 2013 - CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO (Patrick Daniels, Robert Berger and Matt Bolish) 9.28.13 (Photo by Misun Jin)
(Left to right) CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO directors Patrick Daniels and Robert Berger discuss the   flight anxiety they have just instilled in their audience with NYFF Convergence Co-curator Matt Bolish on September 28. (Photo by Misun Jin)

FREDERICK WISEMAN – Seriously, what does documentary film legend Frederick Wiseman give a damn about being on a red carpet..?

NYFF 2013 - HBO Directors Talks (Frederick Widseman and Kent Jones) 9.29.13 (Photo by Julie Cunnah)
Frederick Wiseman (AT BERKELEY) discusses filmmaking with NYFF Program Director Kent Jones at the HBO Directors Dialogue on September 29. (Photo by Julie Cunnah)

LAV DIAZ and ALAIN GUIRAUDIE – I don’t know why Lav Diaz didn’t make it (let’s face it, my red carpet was shorter than his film) and I didn’t have much luck with the French filmmakers this year…

NYFF 2013 - STRANGER BY THE LAKE (Alain Guiraudie) 9.30.13 (Photo by Olga Bas)
NYFF 2013 - NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY (Lav Diaz) 9.29.13 (Photo by Julie Cunnah)
Lav Diaz at the Q&A for NORTE, THE END OF HISTORY on September 29 (Photo by Julie Cunnah) and Alain Guiraudie discusses his film STRANGER BY THE LAKE at NYFF on September 30. (Photo by Olga Bas)

NANCY BUIRSKI – The director of the documentary AFTERNOON OF A FAUN: TANAQUIL LE CLERCQ actually did make an appearance on a red carpet later in the fest. However, on the night of her film’s premiere she got some support from some celebrity friends (including Frederick Wiseman, checking out the “new talent”) so we grabbed our step-and-repeat shots in the Walter Reade Theater lobby.

NYFF 2013 AFTERNOON OF A FAUN (Fran Lebowitz) 9.30.13 (Photo by Misun Jin)
NYFF 2013 AFTERNOON OF A FAUN (Frederick Wiseman) 9.30.13 (Photo by Misun Jin)
NYFF 2013 AFTERNOON OF A FAUN (Nancy Buiski with Michael Stuhlbarg) 9.30.13 (Photo by Misun Jin)
Fran Lebowitz, Frederick Wiseman and Michael Stuhlbarg – all on hand to see Nancy Buirski’s AFTERNOON OF A FAUN: TANAQUIL LE CLERCQ make it’s premiere at NYFF on September 30 (Photos by Misun Jin)

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