By Mark Bell | June 16, 2011

Someone is $500,000 richer, and that someone is Patrick Boivin, filmmaker behind Le Queloune and winner of’s second “Get It Made” competition. Boivin’s film focuses on the zombie film from a new perspective; their feelings. Watch the short below, and then read the official press release:, an online destination serving the independent film market, today announced rising filmmaker Patrick Boivin as winner of the company’s second “Get It Made” competition. The $500,000 award will help the Canadian-born Boivin produce a feature film that showcases the unique skills and storytelling style for which he is rapidly gaining popularity and acclaim.

“Get It Made” competitions are designed with the intent of helping aspiring filmmakers make their dream productions a reality., owned and operated by technology services provider and Internet publisher Net Element (OTCQB:NETE), is a video technology and content delivery platform dedicated to unveiling and supporting talented independent filmmakers in a top-tier social community with other industry elite.

Boivin’s winning entry, “Le Queloune,” was selected from more than 100 other online submissions. In this production, Boivin returns to his roots in horror movies to re-explore the zombie genre and give the zombie what other filmmakers never have: feelings. Shot on location in Normandy in only three days, the film follows a clown through his transition into a zombie in a manner that is as gruesome as it is funny.

“Since its inception, Openfilm has been a valuable ally for filmmakers to have in our corner, and the ‘Get It Made’ competition is a prime example of how Openfilm supports our industry and our dreams,” said Boivin, 37. “I am honored to have won, and I am excited knowing this financing and support will help me to pursue the most ambitious project of my career to date.”

All competition submissions were posted online for members of the film community to view and vote for their favorite short film. The top 10 highest-rated films, six of which were selected by Openfilm’s member and fan base, were screened by the sites’ executive team and Advisory Board – which includes Chairman James Caan, Robert Duvall, Scott Caan and Mark Rydell. The competition does not put creative restrictions on entrants in order to promote artistic freedom and variety. Winning entries were selected based on criteria that included production value, potential for adaptation into feature-length films, probability for commercial success as well as the filmmaker’s compatibility with Openfilm and ability to become a potential long-term Openfilm partner. Rather than turn Boivin’s winning short film into a feature-length film, the Film Review Advisory Committee opted to depart from its standard practice and instead finance production of another Boivin film that showcases his unique skills and style. The film will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Choosing a winner was not an easy feat,” said Richard Lappenbusch, NETE’s president and COO. “All of the submissions were outstanding in their own right, but it was Boivin’s range, creative edge and storytelling perspective that led to the final decision.”

Apart from winning this competition, Boivin has been commissioned to create and produce several viral videos, including Google’s “Nexus One,” and is rapidly gaining popularity as an interactive video production pioneer through such sites as YouTube, where his videos have garnered millions of views. Boivin, an veteran and one of the host sites’ original 30 members, is best known for his production of stop-motion films. In addition to directing, he often gets involved in almost every aspect of his films, including lighting, editing, animation, special effects and score.

“Boivin’s work caught Openfilm’s eye from the start — a wild ride of artistic, cultural and technical mash-ups that keeps viewers engaged and generates a wide array of emotional reactions,” James Caan said. “We hope our investment in Boivin helps to further unleash his creativity and inspire other talented minds to pursue their passion.”

Recently, the winner of the first “Get It Made” competition, Val Lauren, was cast in the title role for James Franco’s upcoming Sal Mineo biopic, tentatively titled ‘Sal.’ Lauren was selected as the winner in September 2010 for submission of his short film, “Help,” which the actor is slated to adapt into a feature film.

“Openfilm was founded with goal and vision to help undiscovered filmmakers succeed in the industry,” Lappenbusch said. “The talent in this competition has surpassed expectations, and as an organization we can only hope to see an influx of high-quality, passionate filmmakers.”

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