Earlier this summer, film historians poking around in a Russian archive discovered a long-lost German-language movie starring Laurel and Hardy. This film was made in Hollywood, with the comedy duo speaking phonetic German (sincerely but badly, according to press reports), and the production was meant to be seen in Germany (this was from the primitive days before dubbing, when 1930s Hollywood shot multiple language versions of their films for release around the world).

This recovery gives hope that other lost films can turn up intact. Since Film Threat previously offered its list of the Top 10 Lost Films back in early 2002, a number of missing flicks have surfaced, both extant or in loose single reels. However, many more films are not accounted for.

To keep the cause of lost film hunting alive, we present Part 2 of our list of Top 10 Lost Films. If you have any leads on these titles, please contact us at

Get the list in part two of FILM THREAT’S TOP 10 LOST FILMS PART 2>>>

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