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By Admin | November 20, 2007

Every Fall marks the same old business: who’s a contender for an Academy Award, who’s the best-dressed, who successfully navigated rehab and remained a billionaire. Power list after ranked power list, none of it is based on anything remotely interesting. Just more hype begetting more hype.

We here at Film Threat aren’t above the Fall list fever either. In fact, we have an annual list of our own – The Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood. Unlike those other lists created to make the rich get richer and the pretty feel prettier, the Frigid 50 is a written declaration of who or what in Hollywood needs a reality check, detailing the least-powerful, least-inspiring, least-intriguing people in all of Tinseltown. Before a career is over, it skids into Frigid 50 territory.

Unplug the Hollywood “Power” lists and enjoy Film Threat’s Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood 2007!

Get the list in part two of FILM THREAT’S FRIGID 50: THE COLDEST PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD 2007>>>

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