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By Admin | January 15, 2008

The New Year has passed and the cycle of independent film begins anew at the annual Sundance Film Festival. Just like every year prior, Film Threat will be in Park City, bringing you all the reviews, interviews and excitement we can muster. This year’s Film Threat crew is made up of savvy veterans and one fresh face new to the Sundance experience, all of which I’d like to introduce you to now:

Jessica Baxter – New to the Film Threat team and the adventure of Sundance, Jessica will be found throughout the festival watching film upon film upon film. We’re hoping she makes it out alive…

Mark Bell – It’s been 7 years since I began making the journey into the mountains of Park City, first with the Slamdance Film Festival and continuing with the massive behemoth that is Sundance. Every year is different, and I’m looking forward to my second year in Park City as Editor-in-Chief. In keeping with a tradition originated by Dan Mirvish of Slamdance and co-opted by myself last year, look for me in rather unique Sundance attire: urban camo gear complete with helmet. Yup, Sundance has often been compared, by myself, to an invasion, a military operation, an assault… and this year I’m dressing the part.

Chris Gore – Film Threat founder Chris Gore continues his annual journey with yet another year covering the festival with G4’s “Attack of the Show” and partying like the rock star he thinks he is (especially after all those hours playing Rock Band).

Zack Haddad – “Rookie” debuted at last year’s festival and did more than survive: he excelled. In his second year, and owning the mantle of “Level 2,” Zack will be in charge of keeping the video coverage fresh and the webcam (read on) live and on-point.

Don R. Lewis – You know him, you love him, Don is one of those writers who has been an integral part of FT for years and, after a break from Sundance coverage last year, is returning to remind the festival what a stand-up writer he really is.

Jeremy Mathews – Jeremy has been covering the festival with us for years now, and he rocks it non-stop. Expect to read many reviews from this superstar.

Jamie Tipps – Jamie enjoyed her first Sundance last year, and the fact that she’s coming back for another trip shows that she’s no wimp when it comes to covering the King of Film Festivals.

We’re setting up a webcam in the Film Threat condo, and we’re not turning it off until we leave town. Check the top right of the Film Threat frontpage daily for streaming video direct from our humble HQ, where our writers will be able to give you their candid thoughts of the festival so far, answer any questions you may have in our chat room and screen interviews, party footage and all other coverage direct.

We arrive in Park City on Thursday, January 17th and we won’t let up until the festival ends. Check back with Film Threat daily for new reviews, interviews and festival news as Sundance rolls on. Also, thanks to our news feed reader on the frontpage, you can also look around to see all the other coverage of the Sundance Film Festival out there, all from the comfort of Film Threat.

When not watching films, writing reviews, hanging out on the webcam or slipping around the snow on Main Street, Team Film Threat will be candidly sharing the full festival experience with pics and commentary over at the Film Threat Blogs. Check out last year’s blogs to get primed for the fun to come.

Keep yourself warm and toasty by the computer and check Film Threat for the most comprehensive coverage from Park City every day during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. If a film is playing Sundance, we’ll cover it… or die trying…

Check back tomorrow for Film Threat’s Annual Guide to Sundance, a primer for those new to the festival experience which goes over everything from shuttles to Park City, tips to getting into parties and how to keep yourself from getting sick while in town…

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