The Cost of Apartments in Adult Cartoons Image

The Cost of Apartments in Adult Cartoons

By Chris Gore | February 6, 2018

Watching cartoons as a grown-up is the best kind of TV. While we’ve been watching some adult cartoons for decades (like The Simpsons), other shows (like BoJack Horseman) lend themselves to binge-watching on Netflix, where we can go through a whole season in a weekend.

But as adults, we also recognize the realities and ask ourselves, how can Daria afford that apartment? Well, the fine folks at For Rent, put together this infographic to try to explain and we present it here if only to ask, a few more adult questions like… how much would Krusty the Clown’s apartment cost in Springfield?

To get more adult analysis of these cartoons, we’ll refer you to the original story as it appears on For Rent. (Not a sponsor or anything, we just really liked their infographic and thought we’d share it with you because, well, truth be told, we were looking for an apartment and came across this.)

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