August continues…

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”
Should be called “Star Wars: Because Lucas Wants ALL Your Money.” A CGI film of a series we already saw that was a prequel to a shitty third prequel. It’s like eating something, throwing it up and having it given back to you with a bow on it, so you can eat it again.

“Tropic Thunder”
Sure, everyone just wants to talk about Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface, but this looks hilarious all around (even if it is, kind of, like “The Three Amigos” in Vietnam). Could this be the Summer of Downey, Jr.?

“Bangkok Dangerous”
Nic Cage in his patented bad-a*s sunglasses playing a hitman. Personally not interested in this one; may be one action movie too late for a Summer loaded with them.

“Babylon A.D.”
This is like the Vin Diesel version of “Children of Men,” what with the whole escorting a pregnant woman around, but the possible Messiah-esque nature of the unborn child is part of the difference. That and Vin Diesel is no Clive Owen… and vice versa…

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