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By Film Threat Staff | January 3, 2001

The Sundance Film Festival, which begins on [ January 18th, 2001 ] in Park City, has announced their inaugural Online Film Festival. The event will take place beginning on the first day of the Festival at the Sundance Digital Center, with a spotlight screening of Chris Lanier’s animated short “Scarf Mania” set to show on [ January 20th ] . Lanier’s short features an original character named Romanov:
Romanov is an absurdist character with a yin-yang symbol for a face. A cross between Felix the Cat and one of Kafka’s hapless Mr. K’s, he’s trapped in a world that seems determined to defeat and humiliate him. “Scarf Mania” finds him trying to assimilate in a city whose cultural and economic life revolves around the wearing of scarves; the results are, of course, disastrous.
For more on the Sundance Online Film Festival, check out the [ Sundance website. ] To learn more about animator Lanier and his other projects, take a look at [ Wildbrain headquarters. ]

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