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By Pete Vonder Haar and Felix Vasquez Jr. | May 1, 2007

The Summer film season is upon us! Before the movies hitting theaters become too overwhelming, Film Threat takes a look at what’s to come and offers up our take on what might, or might not, be worthy of your time.


Lucky You

What’s that, Eric Bana? You’re worried that making a romantic comedy might damage your reputation as an actor? Come now, just because “Hulk” didn’t get great reviews and people credited Spielberg for Munich’s” success doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your skills. Surely a man who’s played characters ranging from a psychotic Aussie criminal to Hector of Troy can handle one little role opposite Drew Barrymore?

You shut up, John Cusack.

Spider-Man 3

Four of the top-grossing film franchises of all time – “Shrek,” “Spider-Man,” “PotC” and “Harry Potter” – have installments coming out this summer. The third entry chronicling your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’s exploits is the first to hit theaters, and even though the massive F/X budget won’t be enough to correct Kirsten Dunst’s teeth or blunt the effect of James Franco’s stunningly pouty lips, there’s no force on heaven, earth, or the Negative Zone that will keep this movie from grossing $400 million domestically.

28 Weeks Later

Days, Weeks, and next: Months. What then? Years? Decades? Eons? Can this infection last that long?

The bad news: no Danny Boyle directing, and no Cillian Murphy or Naomie Harris reprising their roles from the original. The good news? The U.S. Army is on the scene to make sure that pesky Rage virus doesn’t make a comeback. What could possibly go wrong?

Delta Farce

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t See, Don’t Bother, Don’t Give a S**t.

Georgia Rule

In a daring stretch, Lindsay Lohan plays a troubled young woman at odds with her dysfunctional mother. Vietnam veteran favorite Jane Fonda plays the grandmother who tries to show the snotty teen that temperance and hard work is preferable to a life of drunken abandon. The results should be about as predictable as those exhorting us to “take a bite out of crime” in the early ‘80s.

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