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By Pete Vonder Haar and Felix Vasquez Jr. | May 1, 2007


Knocked Up

Seth Rogen stars in this acclaimed comedy from “40 Year Old Virgin” director Judd Apatow and knocks up Katherine Heigl? Yep, we’re all jealous. And, for the record, quite possibly the funniest movie of 2007. DO NOT MISS!

Day Watch

The sequel to the hit Russian fantasy “Night Watch”… we’re not sure what the plot is just yet. Come to think of it we’re still not sure what the plot to “Night Watch” was, either.

Hostel 2

The dubious and talked about sequel now features an all woman cast and hopefully more than five minutes of gore. “Hostel 3,” with all hermaphrodites, is now in the works.

Nancy Drew

Nothing brings out the tweeners like a 70-year literary property about a teenage girl solving mysteries (“Veronica Mars” jumped ship to CW because its ratings were so great, apparently). Or maybe Warner Brothers is banking that the folks who were kids when the “Hardy Boys”/”Nancy Drew” TV show aired in the ‘70s will want to get their own kids interested. Speaking as one of them, please don’t bother.

Surf’s Up

You know what we really need more of in the movies? Penguins. The penguin parade continues and gets ever the more confusing now with Sony setting down on a tale of a surfing penguin in a warm climate…? Some travel company’s mascot just hit the big time!

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