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By Mark Bell | July 17, 2007

We here at Film Threat know all too well the challenges genre films can face over their careers. From being snubbed by “important” film festivals to being mis-programmed in front of the “wrong crowd,” Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and other Underground films have their work cut out for them. Can’t someone make life easier for genre films!?!

That’s why we love the Hollywood Film Festival. For the last three years, they’ve allowed the genre-friendly film-lovers of this here website to program the Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy section of their prestigious film festival, and this year is no different. Running October 19-21, 2007, The Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival will be returning to the glorious ArcLight Cinemas in Los Angeles, CA and the film program will be selected entirely by Film Threat. That’s right, it’s not just about reviews, we’re CURATING and PROGRAMMING this one.

What does this mean for you? Simple, we want to see your genre films of any length. Shorts, features, documentaries, narratives, animations… if you think your film fits into a Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or genre-friendly category, submit the film to the festival. We’ll decide whether you play, you decide on whether you want the opportunity. And, my friend, you DO want the opportunity.

For one, your film will be seen at arguably the best theater in Hollywood: the ArcLight. Films with budgets in the mega-million-wank-a-doodlery red carpet premiere at the place, and your film has a shot to play there. Tell an investor or a distributor you’ve played in LA, they’ll shrug. Tell them you played the ArcLight, and they will bow before you. Just ask the filmmakers who played the festival last year.

Two, Film Threat KNOWS genre films. If we select your film, you know damn well that it fought and won a rightful place in the program, and we will treat you like the Kings and Queens of Genre Filmmaking you most likely are. Bragging rights, you get to say Film Threat LOVES you (and the reverse is true too, if we don’t program your film you can always consider that a badge of honor, depending on your opinion of us. Win-win, really).


  1. Apply to the festival via WithoutaBox or Download a copy of the 2007 Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy submission form.
  2. Follow the instructions at WithoutaBox or the submission form.
  3. Submit your film prior to August 20, 2007.
  4. Don’t just wait patiently for word on whether you got into the festival, become Film Threat’s MySpace or FaceBook friend. We’ll be updating about the festival news, films, screenings and special events there as well here at FT.

There’s only a little over a month left to submit to the 2007 Hollywood Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival, so DO NOT DELAY! If you’ve got questions about the submission process, direct them to the Hollywood Film Festival. If you’ve got questions about Film Threat’s sanity, drop us a line via our Support Form.

– Mark Bell, Genre-Friendly-Editor

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