Yes, they’re the real deal. While not exactly Tatooine, film freaks know the significance of Tunisia’s unique locale, and now El Filmo Productions has settled down in the infamous area. They’re ready to meet all of your filmmaking needs, intergalactic or otherwise.
El Filmo offers production assistance to help with film and audio-visual services, including short and feature film advertising, promotion, and documentary film production as well, for both national and international projects.
The group can be reached at the following:
El Filmo Production ^ Immeuble Cogem. App B1 -Les Berges du lac -2045 Tunis ^ Phone : (216.1) 86.01.44 (Grouped line) ^ Fax: (216.1) 86.08.73 ^ E-mail: [ elfilmo.productions@planet.tn ]
You can also check out the company at the [ the official El Filmo website. ]

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