Film Threat arrives in Austin, Texas once again! Eric Campos, Mark Bell, Don Lewis, Pete Vonder Haar, Austin native Merle Bertrand and Chris Gore will be at the SXSW Film Festival March 11 – 19th. Keep checking back right here for reviews and interviews from the festival. You may even hear a drunken story or two, but we’ll try and reserve that for Back Talk.
And if you’re actually in Austin for the festival, then don’t be shy, say hello, just don’t get in our way if we’re running from the fuzz. Also, here’s some Film Threat related events you’ll definitely want to check out –

“MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE” SCREENING at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown, March 11th at 7:15pm. Be there or be crying on the corner because you couldn’t get in.

We’ll also be appearing at the following panels throught the week:

MEET THE (FILM) PRESS – March 12th, 11:00am – 12:00pm (Eric Campos) ^ Whether you aspire to be a successful filmmaker or a thriving film journalist this panel is for you. How does the film press work? How can your movie best take advantage of international media? Meanwhile, for aspiring journalists, this is a chance to learn from the best.

FILM THREAT SUCKS – March 12th, 3:00pm – 4:00pm ^ In 2005, Film Threat celebrates its 20th anniversary. In the last two decades, founder Chris Gore’s love of independent cinema has produced a print magazine, an online publication, several books, TV shows, a DVD company, a rabid following…. and now, a panel discussion to retrace the steps of this long, controversial journey.

FUTURE OF DVD DISTRIBUTION – March 13th, 3:30pm – 4:30pm (Mark Bell) ^ The days of VHS are ending. As soon as DVDs first hit the market the inevitable end of video tapes could be seen, but no one could have expected DVDs to shape the viewing experience the way they already have. Now TV series, shorts, docs, and narratives are all readily available on DVD. Come find out how this broadening medium will shape the future of film distribution.

FUTURE OF ONLINE CRITICS – March 14th, 1:00pm – 2:00pm (Eric Campos) ^ Online critics have faced equal amounts of acclaim and disdain over the last few years. What sort of policies make up the life of a Web-based film reviewer? Are they any different than their print-based predecessors?

Also, Film Threat will have a booth once again this year. Make sure you stop by and check out the latest and greatest developments and releases from Film Threat DVD. This is also a great place to point and poke at some of the Film Threat crew. It’s like a monkey cage, just less smelly.

See ya at the festival!

For the full program of events, visit the SXSW website.

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