In what was supposed to be a podcast anticipating the 2011 SXSW Film Festival, Mark and Don find themselves questioning the lack of full frontal male nudity in film, wondering why celebrity gossip is so popular and Mark shares an idea for an animated short film…

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  1. b. pitt says:

    I agree where is the female nudiy. I have seen plenty penis in mainstream film but have never seen a vigina. Woman say they want more male nudity, why don’t more men as for more frontal female nudity that actually shows the vigina – seems fair to me. instead, these guys are asking for more male nudity what is wrong with them.

  2. Don R. Lewis says:

    I was watching OBSERVE AND REPORT for the gajillionth time and there’s male nudity in there too. I just my point in the podcast was more “boner-centric” than limp weenie.

  3. Anon. says:

    Hunger (2008; Dir. Steve McQueen; starring Michael Fassbender). For better or worse, lots of frontal male nudity or nudity in general. Not mainstream fare and essentially a foreign film to American audiences, but, still, you asked the question. Good film, despite the nudity.

    I think the point to be made is, perhaps for matters of taste (which could be debated) you don’t see frontal nudity regardless (accept for the occasional female breast(s)). “Tasteful Sex Scene” tends to mean her on top, lights down low (often shades of blue), at angle from one side and certainly from behind. Agree?

  4. Tim1974 says:

    I think the question needs to be, “Where is the female frontal nudity ?” There has been nothing but male genitals on screen, in HBO series, and in plays for quite a long time. However, female frontal nudity is almost non existent. Why ???????? It is a huge double standard and needs to change. How can you be so clueless as to what is going on in today’s films ? (My comments are in reference to American mainstream films.)

  5. Bwakathaboom says:

    Oddly, the movies at the forefront of male nudity seem to be juvenile comedies like Hall Pass, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Jackass, etc., exactly as you say, playing on the audience discomfort at looking at another man’s junk.

  6. Mark Bell says:

    That’s true; the penis is not aesthetically pleasing at all. Add the nuts to the equation and… it’s an ugly scene.

  7. suzy says:

    I think its like..after all the jokes and titillation, noone but gay dudes really wanna see c**k. Ya know?

    Also, you don’t really see much female full frontal these days so its pretty even.

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