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By Film Threat Staff | May 18, 2005

Impressed with the dedication of the Star Wars fans lined up outside the Mann Chinese Theater in Hollywood, filmmaker Leif Einarsson decided to hand out a copy of his Film Threat DVD release Jar Jar Binks: The F! True Hollywood Story to everyone standing in line. Fans have been lined up in front of the Mann Chinese for months for the impending release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, even though the film is not scheduled to open at that theater.

Fans were thankful for the DVD, relates Leif: “As I was leaving a boy came up and thanked me. I said ‘Sure kid, may the force be with you,’ jokingly without turning my head. And the boy replied with all 7 year old seriousness, ‘May the force be with you too, sir.'”

Leif’s film chronicles the fictional rise and fall of everyone’s favorite love-to-hate Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks. The mockumentary won Best Satire in iFilm’s First Annual Online Awards, and the special edition disk is one of Film Threat DVD’s Star Wars-centric titles, alongside Dennis Pryzwara’s popular Starwoids.

“We at Film Threat DVD are big fans of Star Wars and we believe in supporting our own. Hopefully the fans’ll dig Leif’s film as much as we do,” states Film Threat DVD Senior Account Executive Mark Bell.

Film Threat DVD’s support of “Star Wars” fans everywhere is just one part of a continuing celebration of the franchise. On May 31st Film Threat and Film Threat DVD will be sponsoring a party dubbed “Star Wars Rarities and B-Sides Screening” at Cinespace in Hollywood, showcasing the best Star Wars oddities in existence. Beyond other DVD giveaways and a slave Leia bikini contest, fans will get to see films they may’ve previously only heard rumors of. The event is open to Star Wars fans everywhere, and is Film Threat’s way of saying “good bye” to the films they’ve loved for so long.

“Seeing the saga come to an end brings about feelings of both sadness and satisfaction,” explains Film Threat founder Chris Gore. “I am elated to finally see that fateful duel — something I’ve been wanting to see since I was a kid. I’m also gratified that the series is finally over — no more waking up checking the internet for scoops and spoilers, no more action figures to collect, no more celebrations to attend, no more obsessing over minutiae and plot holes. Now, I can finally talk to a girl.”

Talk to a girl at the Star Wars Rarities and B-Sides Screening, 7pm-10pm, Tuesday, May 31st at Cinespace in Hollywood. Details to come!

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