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By Film Threat Staff | June 27, 2005

Keeping up their roles as distributor to the best undiscovered indie-film gems around, Film Threat DVD announces the release of Frontier by David and Nathan Zellner and “Ligeia<" by Dave Lawler. Both special edition feature films are now available in retail chains throughout the United States and Canada and carry a suggested retail price of $13.99 Frontier

“Inspired and truly bizarre!” – The Austin Chronicle

“Frontier<" is the first film ever made in the Bulbovian language. Directed by siblings David and Nathan Zellner (who began their film careers as extras in Pasolini's "Salo<"), "Frontier<" is based on the surrealist novel "Froktog' by famed author Mulnar Typsthat. The film is an epic saga set against the aftermath of the Klornsthog Revolution. Two members of the Expansionist Research Corps embark on a journey to civilize the most uncharted of territories. But the more these war-torn soldiers attempt to tame the wild landscape, the further they are driven towards the brink of madness. The DVD's special features include: cast and crew commentary, an animated Bulbovian War Bond PSA, music by Precarious Warehaus Dwellars, Bulbovian history factoids, the featurette "From Froktog to Frontier" on the making of the film, trailers, deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and Easter Eggs. The film's running time is 84 minutes; it is not rated and comes in Bulbovian with English Subtitles. Ligeia

“An interesting little indie flick filled with softcore sex, hot naked chicks, and a twisted plot of cheatin’ hearts, murder, and weirdness.”-

Dave Lawler’s audacious update of the classic Edgar Allan Poe story explores the extremes of sexuality in marriage. Kieran gets in way over his head with the women in his life. He can’t seem to forget his dead wife, the beautiful Ligeia. His new wife, Rowena, tires of being neglected, so when an old lover comes knocking, she’s only too happy to answer. Kieran’s lover Kelly has decided she wants him all to herself, and she always gets her way. Keiran and Rowena find themselves doing things they never thought they would do in this controversial thriller that keeps audiences guessing until the very end.

The DVD’s special features include: audio commentary featuring Bronwyn Knox, Dave Lawler and Scott Malley of KLM, Ltd., a production stills gallery and the original teaser trailer. The running time is 75 minutes and the film is not rated.

Film Threat DVD recently signed a distribution deal with Niche Media Ventures ( to distribute 24 titles over the course of 2005. Upcoming Film Threat DVD titles include “Living in Missouri,” “Sorority Girls’ Revenge,” “Jerkbeast,” “Ascension” and “The Breathing Show.” You can read all about the current and upcoming releases, as well as purchase copies, over at the Film Threat Shop.

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