Here are the most binge worthy TV shows on Netflix that should definitely be on your list Image

Here are the most binge worthy TV shows on Netflix that should definitely be on your list

By Film Threat Staff | March 25, 2024

Netflix adds movies and series at such a steady pace that it can be really challenging to keep up with the must-sees. This streaming giant has forever changed the way individuals watch television, shifting to total season drops instead of offering a weekly format and introducing the binge-viewing concept. Netflix is now the top streaming service that provides a vast catalog of original programs combined with shows picked up from different networks and has millions of subscribers, among which 51% are women and 49% are men. Many series on the platform have become so popular that the characters have been turned into collectibles – fans can now visit the official home of the Pop! figures, and bring home their favorite movie character. 

So, Netflix is just great, but if you’ve been using it for a while, you likely come across the same problem as everyone else: spending a lot of time deciding what movie is worth watching on a relaxing evening. If this is you, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below, we provide a list of the best shows to watch for every series lover’s taste. Let’s begin!

One Day

If you’re a fan of romance movies, you don’t want to miss out on the latest adaptation of David Nicholls’ novel One Day. The series has received a lot of love from fans (both old and new), and many of them are still sobbing when thinking of the memorable love story between Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew. The plot follows these two characters on one day – July 15- over the course of 20 years. After a failed one-night stand on their university graduation, Emma and Dexter end up building a strong and meaningful bond. 

The series does an excellent job of capturing special moments in the lives of the two characters and leaving fans contemplating different themes, particularly friendship and grief. Although it follows the trope of “the right person, wrong time”, the series is definitely worth watching; it is heartwarming, inspiring, and devastating – all the necessary ingredients to make it an epic watch. 

American Nightmare

If romance series aren’t your cup of tea, what about a mind-bending crime docu-series? American Nightmare is inspired by a real story that made headlines in 2015: the case of Denise Huskins, who was failed by the FBI and police, which claimed that the woman faked her kidnapping with the help of her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn, following the same scenario of the movie “Gone Girl”. After further investigation, it turned out that the couple had told the truth. 

American Nightmare features interviews with the couple, where they describe in detail the horror story they went through, along with the even more shocking aftermath when they were re-traumatized by those who were supposed to protect them. This docu-series will have you glued to the screen, and will bring out a lot of emotions, so better prepare yourself for it!  

Blue Eye Samurai

Netflix has had tremendous success with animated movies, and one of the best recommendations here is Blue Eye Samurai. This Netflix series combines exquisite animation with a rich cultural backdrop and a captivating storyline, making it a true masterpiece that you will instantly love. It is about a half-white, half-Japanese female samurai called Mizu, who seeks vengeance against four men. 

Although it is an animation, it’s definitely not suitable for kids due to its nudity and digit-severing violence; for adults, though, it’s definitely a show that will exceed expectations, making you eager to find out what will happen next. 

Boy Swallows Universe 

This movie is an adaptation of Trent Dalton’s first book of the same name and is only seven episodes long, making it perfect for binge-watching. Besides, it’s definitely an excellent choice if you’re looking for a coming-of-age story that has both sad and funny elements. The plot follows a young teenager named Eli Bell, whose life is pretty tough, as he has a heroin dealer father, a mother who is a former drug addict, a mute brother, and an imprisoned father. 

Could life get any worse for the twelve-year old boy? Apparently, yes, as he comes face-to-face with the most notorious criminals in Brisbane. Will things get any better for the boy and his family? You’ll have to watch the series to find out – since the series is short, you will likely finish it in two nights!  

Sweet Home

Sweet Home is a Korean series inspired by the webtoon of the same name and follows Hyun, a high school student who loses his family in an accident and has to move into a new home, where he is exposed to a whole new reality – one that is terrifying. Monsters start to appear all of a sudden, and from there, Hyun and the other residents of the apartment must fight against them to survive. 

The series is, without a doubt, a masterpiece and provides a fresh perspective on monster outbreaks that is different from popular zombie stories. In Sweet Home, it isn’t a virus that causes monsterization – it’s a curse, with the monsters being born from a person’s worst traits. The series already has two seasons available, and season 3 will premiere this year’s summer. If you love apocalypse horror stories, Sweet Home will take you on a thrilling journey that will have you all hooked! 

Everything Now

This British teen comedy-drama is definitely worth watching if you’re looking for a series that addresses an important topic in society: mental health. The plot follows Mia, a young woman who is out of treatment for anorexia and returns to high school, looking to check things off her bucket list. 

But it turns out that is harder than she expected because while she was trying to recover, the world kept moving, and she missed out on too many things. The series does an excellent job of raising awareness around eating disorders without romanticizing aspects of it, but rather showing how hard life can be for someone dealing with such an issue. It’s a relatable show for many, giving them comfort, and it has incredible acting that is also realistic and educational, making it an enjoyable watch. 

The Bottom Line

There you have it: a list of 6 Netflix shows that are worth your time and attention this year! With their interesting plots and amazing characters, these shows are perfect for evenings when you want to leave your problems and routine behind and immerse yourself in new, exciting worlds.  

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