By Phil Hall | April 3, 2008

“February Stars” is an eerie short about a young deaf man who has a chance encounter with a pretty girl in a rainstorm. She’s lost and, after initial confusion, he is able to point her in the direction she needs to head. He then returns home, where he lives with his ailing grandmother. During the long and rainy evening, the lost girl comes to his home, with the goal of changing the man’s life in a drastic manner.

So what does it all mean? Hey, turn on your imagination and figure it out for yourself! Sean Heyboer’s film is wonderfully enigmatic and creepy in a Rod Serling style. Heyboer’s decision to shoot most of the film without sound, taking the protagonist’s view of the world, adds to the sense of unbalance that permeates this wonderful production.

The project is driven home through the highly effective performance by Mark Stelljes as a man at home in a soundless world. The climax, with Stelljes’ reaction to the young girl’s gift, is a brilliant display of physical emotion that is simultaneously uplifting and devastating – it is an extraordinary feat of drama that deserves to be seen.

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  1. Donna Wright says:

    Can’t thank you enough for your kind words about “February Stars”, everyone associated with the film deep appreciates it.

    Donna Wright – Grandma Thelma

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