Syndicated TV horror host Mr. Lobo (Cinema Insomnia) – who presented b-filmmaker Ed Wood’s notorious “Plan 9 from Outer Space” in 2002 and Tim Burton’s biopic “Ed Wood” in 2003 at the Crest Theatre – has joined forces with cult film pontiff Reverend Steve from The Church of Ed Wood to bring you a special event called EDWOODSTOCK. It happens Sunday, October 17 at 6pm in the main auditorium of the Crest, at 1013 K Street, Sacramento.

Three bands (“The Helper Monkeys”, “Flip The Switch”, and “Sacramento(the Band)”) are set to play, as psych-O-delic ED WOOD video montages from filmmaker’s “Plan 9” and local auteur Ken Waller are shown behind them. One of these bands will be made a legal SAINT of Woodism on stage, based on your applause!

But if your ears aren’t tuned to that crazy mixed-up noise the kids call music nowadays (sound familiar?) then you can drink yourself into an Edward D. Wood-style stupor at the plush Crest lounge and watch “Plan 9” projected on 16mm, until “Bride Of the Monster,” the night’s main feature, starts at at 8:30. Clips from other Ed Wood classics and a sneak preview of Ed Canfield’s documentary “Criswell” will also be shown.

For more info, visit the Church of Ed Wood website.

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