By Film Threat Staff | July 3, 2001

IFC premieres their new show “Dinner For Five” on Saturday, July 7 at 8:00PM/ET (9:00PM/PT). The IFC Original hosted and produced by Jon Favreau (you know, the “Swingers” guy) brings together an intimate gathering of guests for an evening of food and off-the-cuff conversation.
Shot on location at The Atlantic restaurant in LA, the special is set in a relaxed environment where five peers can talk about film, people or personal experiences without the pressures of a traditional talk show. Between forkfuls, Favreau and guests Peter Berg (The Last Seduction), Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), Jeanne Tripplehorn (Very Bad Things) and Kevin James (TV’s King of Queens) trade stories on subjects running the gamut from nude scenes and crying on command to being mistaken for other celebrities and waiting tables.
“There are no scripts, pre-interviews, studio audiences or pre-determined lists of topics. ‘Dinner For Five’ is just an open forum for people in the community to discuss whatever is on their mind,” says Favreau. “Plus, IFC lets you drink and curse, so we felt free to be ourselves.” (But Jon, what about trips to the bathroom? Will those be included on the show? Where’s the realism?)
Get additional information at the official Dinner For Five web site. And if you miss the premiere, don’t worry. IFC plans to repeat the show about a billion times over the next year.
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