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By Jeremy Knox | July 22, 2007

I missed Murder Party. Sorry about that. I had the stupidest thing happen to my car the other day. Some sort of rodent ate through one of the spark plug wires and now it’s working all funky. I thought I was okay for tonight since I fixed the problem but the check engine light came on about ten minutes into the trip to Montreal so I had to turn back and and borrow someone’s car.

Anyway, I eventually made it, but not before missing Murder Party. It’s a damn shame too since apparently it had a kickass screening.


You and I both know that this is just buildup to Uwe Boll’s “Postal” which had it’s world premiere tonight at the festival. I’ve talked about it and FT’s own Michael Ferraro posted a clip of the first few minutes on his blog. A comedy about 9/11 and the war on terror is something that even the South Park guys don’t have the balls to tackle. So I was definitely looking forward to seeing it, and all of you reading this right now are probably dying to know how it went.

So how was it? Well, it’s easily Boll’s best film and a good film in it’s own right. Don’t believe all that s**t you read about Boll, he’s not the greatest filmmaker who ever lived but he’s hardly the festering turd of cinematic art that he’s been made out to be. I seriously think that this movie will change film geek’s opinion of him. I mean Jesus, he actually plays himself in the film includes a scene with the producer of the Postal video game attacking him and screaming “WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY GAME BOLL?????” before he’s shot in the balls and dies saying “I hate video games.” 

You gotta give him credit for having a sense of humour about himself.

I also got to meet him and have a fairly long talk with the man. He’s very nice. I was expecting some wild and crazy German dude but no, he was almost shy at times and very kind. Wanna know how f*****g nice he is? True story: Some homeless guy had hurt himself badly and needed an ambulance right next to where we were drinking and Boll gave the guy a chair while some other people called 911. Stanley Kubrick ain’t got s**t on that.

So yeah, Postal is gonna be a film you’re gonna hear about. It’s insanely offensive and will not escape the attention of the right wingers. It almost makes South Park look like Full House. I mean, there’s a scene where Verne Troyer gets raped by ONE THOUSAND monkeys, not just one or two. One THOUSAND. You have a guy using flour to find the hole on a fat woman. You have the infamous 9/11 satire with the two hijackers on a plane. You have jabs at Tom Cruise being into human sacrifice. You have full frontal male nudity. You have children being graphically killed on screen for comedic effect. You have a cat being used as a silencer for a gun. You have allegations that George Bush and Osama Bin Laden are butt buddies. It’s just nonstop and relentless in it’s desire to offend.

Is it funny? Yes! You gotta have a dark twisted sense of humour, but you’re gonna laugh. Boll said that he wanted to make a ruthless comedy like they used to make them back in the 80’s before this whole PC/hands-across-america bullshit ruined everything and on that aspect he definitely succeeded. The film isn’t perfect, the laughs sometimes aren’t timed just right. It’s like hearing someone muff a good joke. You still laugh, just not as much as if he’d zinged it at you. But it’s definitely a wild ride; and even if you don’t like Boll and think you’d hate this film, you have to admit that it’s the perfect antidote to safe bland pap like “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry”.

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  1. Jeremy Knox says:

    Naw, I’m all festivaled out. One year I’ll have the time and energy to go to TIFF, but not this year. I’d love to go though, sounds like a blast.

    And thank you for the kind words! I’ll be there tonight. Come say hi if you see me.

  2. Actually, sorry for the followup post… King, whom I think is the director of Fantasia, is a friend of mine. I’ll send this along to him. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the coverage! I love seeing these come up on my google homepage (I’ve got you on RSS).

    Are you going to the TIFF? I think I am and we’re taking a few people with us, but we’re not sure who they are. Depends on the contest winner of

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