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By Jeremy Knox | July 13, 2007

Wednesday night was kind of funny. I live near Montreal, but hardly what you could call close to the city. I’d say that on a regular day it takes me about an hour and ten minutes to get there; an hour and a half if there’s traffic. Anyway, David Arquette’s “”The Tripper” started at 9:30 and I woke up at like 8:30. So basically I had to put on whatever clothes I found, comb my hair with my fingers and brush my teeth on the way out while simultaneously spraying myself with deodorant.

The worse thing was that there wasn’t any gas in the f*****g car so I had to make an F1 style pit stop before even being able to get on the highway, then I nailed it the whole way and made it with time to spare. God damn I rule.

It was a good showing. Tripper played well with an audience, and the film itself wasn’t bad at all. The middle section is a chore to watch and the characters are meh, but it has a good beginning and ending. Arquette knows what he’s doing as a director, but he’s insecure and you can tell that this is his first film. The editing REALLY needs help and there are scenes that could stand being chopped or shortened. What’s really disappointing is that the film had the potential to be insanely offensive and cutting to the conservative AND liberal movement. Still, it’s worth a look. I mean”¦ its Ronald Reagan killing hippies for Christ sakes!

After the showing Arquette came to the bar with the Fantasia crew but I left him alone. I’ve seen so many f*****g pictures of the poor dude looking miserable as he’s hounded by the paparazzi that I thought I’d give him the best gift I could, the gift of f*****g privacy. So I didn’t take a photo even though I could have, and the only time I spoke to him was when I said I enjoyed the film and that I thought it was a proper slasher film, which despite the flaws I’ve listed is true. Its slow meandering plot is no worse than some of the Friday films and besides, it was fun. Could have been better, but you can say the same thing about any movie.

So anyway, yeah, I didn’t take Arquette’s picture, but these guys though? SMILE F*****S!


Hehehe, that’s Mitch Davis (whom I’ve mentionned often) on the left and Bill Zebub (writer/director of A*s Monster) on the bottom.

Speaking of Bill Zebub, I now am totally convinced that movies are entirely dependant on the personality of the people who make them. Bill is EXACTLY like his movie. He’s fast, witty, energetic and talks just like the people in A*s Monster. I liked him, he was a cool mutha. His story about getting stopped at the border when he tried to come in by car was f*****g hysterical. I’ve had the same thing happen to me, so I know that those f*****s don’t play around. Last time I went they thought I was a diamond smuggler, I can only imagine what those paranoid a******s thought Bill was. The end result was that Bill missed his own screening. In fact, he was on his cell phone leaving a message to the festival organizers and saying he would be late when one of the guards ordered him to stop talking and turn it off RIGHT NOW. Fun times, fun times.

I’m taking a break until Saturday when I return to watch “”13 Beloved”, the film that I’m most looking forward to seeing in all of the festival. Will let you know how it goes.

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  1. Don Lewis says:

    Nice blogging Jeremy! Bill Zebub….heheheh….he’s featured in that kickass movie “S&MAN.”

  2. Felix says:

    Also, Knox, the blogs rock.

  3. Felix says:


  4. Michael Ferraro says:

    I want to see Arquette’s new film though dude. Looks violent…

  5. Felix says:

    I remember when I liked David Arquette. I was a stupid kid.

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